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Wow!  You've got a website? Congratulations!
(Unfortunately, so do all of your competitors.)

So how do you gain an edge in using
the Internet as a marketing tool?

The introduction of your website is an exciting event, but like any other part of your small business' marketing effort, it's only effective if you follow up.  Most small business websites are placed on the Internet with no subsequent analysis or promotion.  If you are getting the most  from your marketing dollar, you should be able to make the following claims:

  • I know how many people visit my website each month.
  • I know the pages where they spend the most time.
  • I know the sources of my traffic.
  • My website is in the first five pages at the top eight search engines.
  • I have links to my site from dozens of other websites.
  • I have identified my competitors' websites and know how they are using the Internet.

Active Internet Marketing provides custom Internet marketing and promotion services that increase traffic at your website and make you a more informed user of Internet-based marketing.

Get the most from your investment in a website.  Contact us at (888) 686-4932 for more details on our Website Analysis and Marketing Service.

What do

a group of Realtors
a digital service bureau
a VCI manufacturer
an EMS billing company
a California vacation rental
a service-oriented ISP
a website developer
an Internet consultant
and a  midwestern city

have in common?

They've all discovered
the benefits of actively
promoting their web
presence with a custom
marketing campaign from Active Internet Marketing.

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